Monday, October 10, 2005

102. Rita Is Her Name

by Roland R. Ruiz - San Antonio, Texas

There is an old saying I truly believe
That says God moves in mysterious ways
I always wondered why
How true the saying has evolved today
As nature reaps its wretched ways
Upon our troubled times
So now we have another storm
The gulf has brewed again
Her name this time is Rita
And death does ride her wake
Is this God's way of testing souls
Only he knows for sure
So prepare yourself, for what's to come
When Rita comes ashore
If it's his will that I should die
I ask dear God to forgive the sins
That reside so deep within
For when I enter my home in heaven
As God has washed me clean
Then I'll know the answer
To the old saying, I truly believe

hellicane category: faith

1 comment:

nanaursula said...

"I always wondered why".. - yes my Friend, so did I, so do many!
We can only leave it all in to God's Hands and trust with Faith in Him to guide us through times like this. A touching write! Ursula