Thursday, October 06, 2005

94. The American Spirit - Katrina

by Darren Sardelli - Smithtown, New York
(Note from the author: "Many Americans have done extraordinary things to help the victims of Katrina. Katrina may have knocked us down, but she won't keep us down. Americans from all across the country have been deeply affected by this tragedy. I am proud of every American for their help and support. Please share this poem with family and friends.")

Katrina brought disaster
She caused a lot of grief
She showed the world destruction
And pain beyond belief

Katrina split up families
She knocked their houses down
She took all their possessions
And pulverized their town

Some women lost their husbands
Some husbands lost their wives
Some people lost their neighbors
Some children lost their lives

Katrina's winds were massive
They took some heavy tolls
She may have caused catastrophe
But deeply touched our souls

She brought us all together
United, here we stand!
Our people heard a cry for help
And lent a helping hand

We reassured the victims
That help was on the way
We're doing all that we can do
To brighten up your day

Katrina may have knocked you down
But we will pick you up
She may have taken all your food
But we will fill your cup

You know you can rely on us
We'll be your shining sun
We Are One Nation Under God
United We Are One!

hellicane category: hope


shakti said...

what a lovely human spirit you are .

a lovely poem

Anonymous said...

Probably the best poem I've read in a long time. The words jump out of the page with such electricity...Great job Darren. We need more people like you in this world.