Saturday, September 03, 2005

5. Timeless Memories Of Our Past

by R. Holmes - Springfield, Oregon

Timeless memories of our past
Magnolias' scented fragrance cast
Oh for those memories we adhere
Please let's not forget our roots are here

Our paths we knew could never break
From then til now our journeys take
But interruption we may see
Not keeping down the soul in me

I know this is just mere test
Something made to bloom my best
Together we can draw so near
To overcome and persevere

Out of this we learn so much
To communicate and share our touch
To show each other, strangers that who
Are in heart so much like me and you

So lift your head, build your soul
And say a prayer that you should know
That in the end we will all stand
In this end, we still are the promised land

1 comment:

Hellicane said...

I must say the lyrical beauty of this poem brought tears to my eyes.