Sunday, September 18, 2005

61. The Evening News. . .

by William August Kobs - Poetry In A Cup

(Aftermath Of Hurricane Katrina)

The Evening News brought this tragedy home
All the way up from Louisiana's Superdome

The countless people trapped and alone
With nothing to eat, not even a bone

With more on the highway walking for miles
Their homes washed away along with their smiles

How could the authorities allow this to happen
The images of which cause my heart to sadden

And though I was not directly affected
The Evening News put it in perspective

With cries for help and pleas for assistance
Their voices were heard in the far off distance

Many people volunteered from around the globe
To aid in the relief and offer some hope

To those who survived, their lives now stripped bare
Our thoughts and prayers let them know that we care

The Evening News called it a shame
That so many people felt need to place blame

On the Federal Government for taking their time
To some the slow response was seen as a crime

Which can't be forgiven unless we get tough
The rebuilding has begun but may not be enough

To ensure that authorities take into consideration
Those most affected by this dreadful devastation

There's nothing we can do now except prepare for the future
And stop blaming everyone for the wrath of Mother Nature

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