Tuesday, September 13, 2005

40. peOple cRying, peOple dyiNg

by sAvanhA c 'vAna'- CalifOrnia

peOple cRying, peOple dyiNg
blOod is shEdiNg wEn rAin wUz fAlliNg
lOts of hOusEs, lOts of lOved onEs
mOst of thEir cRisIs wUz endEd by wAter

hAviNg nO brEath tO sAy agAin
nOt mOving aN iNch of thEir bOdy
bEcAuse of thE wEeknEs of thEir bOdy
nO gOodbyEs wEre sAid

hAd nO timE
tO spEak whAt thEy rEally wAnted sAid
jUst likE thE deAth of twiN tOwers
it dAmagEd hEarts of the uNsAid

bUt thiS timE it wUz wAter nOt by plAne of thE rAce of anOther
thEse tWo thiNgs wiLl alwAys stAy iN oUR hEarts
aND oNE dAy we'Ll wAke up tO a frEsh nEw stArt

hellicane category: despair

1 comment:

RandomPoet said...

Savanha: Sometimes use of alternating upper/lower case letters in poetry bugs me -- but your message here is so tender, so heartfelt -- and the tragedy so scattered and horrific -- I think it works in this case. A very interesting approach and a nice read.