Sunday, September 11, 2005

34. I Hear Music...

by David

Parade of instruments going by
Such melancholy as I've e'er heard
Not a word, just slowed gestures
And slurred music, sadness bestirred

I think I'll stand nigh and cry a tear
And watch the mourners mourn
As goes by the funeral I hear
New Orleans style, sadly forlorn

It's tradition, for this town of parades
To mourn the dead with music
And followers, slowly played...
Till come we now upon graveside

And when they've been laid to rest
The music begins again, followers
Now returning home to attest
Tradition brought us home, riposte

hellicane category: local color


Hellicane said...

Thanks for shairing these beautiful musical images in a very special poem about New Orleans. said...

Thank you,Podpoet,for the truly fitting picture posted with my poem on your blogspot page....

holgerdansk said...

Thank YOU for such a beautiful poem!

Anonymous said...

Did you know David personally?