Friday, September 30, 2005

79. The South Shall Rise Again

by Mary Kellis - North Carolina

One of the most beautiful places on Earth
Totally devastated by the devil's breath
The Gulf Coast, not devastated by just one storm, but two
On the news, I sit glued, as I watch, mass devastation, and even death
But the devastation won't keep us down
We shall rise again stronger, better, and brand new

Was there a lesson to be learned here?
Of course, we learned we can endure
And this tragedy will never keep us down
The devil's breath, total chaos and devastation
This remains very clear
Total devastation and destruction, everywhere as I look around

People made to evacuate from the familiar things that they love
I think no one wanted to make that kind of choice
Looking around, all we can do is pray to the man up above
Men, women, children crying for help
SSSHHHH! Listen! And you too can hear their pitiful voice

Materialistic things, these can all be replaced
But a human life, no amount can pay for such a loss
Among the devastation, look up to the sky, so clear and blue
Containing clouds as white as lace
I can see a ray of hope, for everything that was a loss

We held it together in the time of the Civil War
The south arose, weak, but in our hearts we were strong
No more storms, please, dear God, please send no more
Maybe in time, those displaced can go back to where they belong

Wind, rain, flood waters devastated such a beautiful place
Leaving many devastated, frustrated and lost
Look at the survivors - no more smiling faces
Why were we cosen to pay such a tremendous cost?

We will overcome, and take our rightful place, among the human race
The devastation, we will mend
We shall again see the sun, causing us all to smile again
We can endure and overcome this awful hand dealt to us
All this devastation should be a sin

But never fret! The South shall rise again!

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