Friday, September 16, 2005

53. Put God In Charge

by Saundra McFarland - Kentucky

Many lives have been shattered
Many are alive by the grace of God and to Him they are thankful
And to them material things don't matter

God's hand will provide them food, shelter, clothing and shoes to wear
And all their heartaches and sorrows He will bare

There is hope when you give God complete control
He will take care of all your needs and save your soul

Many hearts have been broken and many have been reunited with the ones they love
During and after the hurricane many only had hope through prayer to God above

God is there when all other hope is gone
God will take care of you - He won't make you stand alone

When everything else in life fails
Put God in charge - His power will prevail

In good times and bad, in pain and sorrow
God will take care of you, today and tomorrow

I pray that you have accepted Jesus into your heart
And that in every day of your life He plays a part

God will help you to find a place to live
He has many blessings he will give

Just pray God will carry through the darkest storm
Many miracles He has already performed

So in God place all your trust
Give it all to Him - that is a must

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