Thursday, September 15, 2005

49. As Dead Innocents Depart

by Kevin Raymond - London, England

As dead innocents depart
To Hades in shopping carts
Everything will look alright to thee
Put silver dollars o'er yer eyes
So yer don't have to criticize
Then yeeze can all make out
Yer didn't see!

We beg you, don't ignore us
Was painted on their doors
Will anybody help them
With their plight?

'When you need our sons to fight a war
On a far off foreign shore
Even when our conscience
Says it's not right
Then, you would move quick
To climb over dying, old and sick
To ferry young boys out sharpish, at first light'!

As a city with no soul
Starts to stumble, then to roll
Like a boxer who has lost the will to fight
Like two lovers who must part
With such sad, despairing hearts
Will this city and its people e're re-unite?

As the sickness and disease
Is floating like a breeze
A thought keeps re-occurring in my head
For two weeks, this has gone on
Is two weeks too much, too long
To deny some sort of dignity to the dead?

In the city of New Orleans
As the darkness turns to black
There are people leaving
Who are never coming back!

hellicane category: political


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I like what I read. It was deep.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! I have a son who was a Marine in Iraq and a niece and nephew who are police in New Orleans. It does beg this question, why could the U.S. get aid to Baghdad quicker than to New Orleans? I find it so incredibly sad!