Wednesday, September 21, 2005

71. You Locked 'Em In & Let 'Em Rot For Five Days

by Larry Winfield - Los Angeles

you locked 'em in and let 'em rot for five days
who knew you could use FEMA to keep help away...
you've finally graduated
from President Lionel Hutz
to third world Emperor
(can't call you what i'd like
cause it's your n-word
and makes you get all blood in the face - yavoll!)

you've just become Baby Doc and Mobutu
become the worst combination of
Nixon, Harding and Andrew Jackson -
strumming that guitar
a Texas Nero still on vacation
and what about your pirate band?
Condi can't be bothered
she's painting the big apple red
Cheney's away at a secluded spot
getting his light saber readjusted...
Rove is back in the shadows, spinning...

you can tell me...
it was a business decision, wasn't it?
an impulsive stroke of short-term genius
icing on the vacation cake
to take the taste of Cindy Sheehan's
anger and grief
out of your mouth...
let's let mother nature do over here
what Mugabe's doing to his shanty towns -
clearing brush
and hey, rumors of looting darkies works for us...
Osama must be laughing -
these guys are doing a better job
than any Al Quida sleeper cell...

some of your smirking
repent america
christian patriot rapture rangers
no doubt smiled at the spectacle
"when the rapture comes
all you heathens will be just like that..."
uh huh...and god is a klansman, right?
this ain't the apocalypse, you sheep's clothing Jesus-boys
merely incompetence of biblical proportions

hope you enjoy the ride
cause hey, the jig is up:
the drive-by photo-ops will no longer do
the webs you've been spinning obscured your view
and when Fox starts kicking your ass
you oughta get a clue!
but then
you lied us into a war you're fighting on the cheap
an expensive campaign
where parents scrape together
to buy their kids' body armor...
why wouldn't the cavalry be half-assed and late
but thanks for giving all us locals a heads up:
we can't depend on you at all
if the crap hits the fan wherever 'right here' is
unless you're a card-carrying member of the country club

hey, numbnuts!
your vacation is over
your next two as well -
as the recession ripples slowly fan out
as things get more expensive and may start to run out
as the military is slowly burned out
as we follow the Soviets into a slow collapse...
if the rabble gets too uppity
you can always declare martial law
but whose troops would you use...
Hey, China holds our busted IOU's
and they believe in profits now...
they'll do

Hellicane category: 4-POLITICAL


Sarah Ciarciuk said...

I just wanted to say hats off to you,
I really felt that.
what a talented writer you are as well.
And what truth.

(my poem: I need to write)

shakti said...

truth and anger and hurt
it could be so different,yeah?

(my poem: the gulf)

Anonymous said...

Spot on! Necessary release of anger, very well penned. BRAVO!