Tuesday, September 19, 2006

158. True Character

by Saran B. - New Orleans

"Crises always reveal a person's true character."

I went back home to New Orleans recently
to visit my parents and friends

I remember talking to my friends
and we were discussing
what our new plans were in the future

As I think about it
we are all blessed
with new ventures ahead of us
despite the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina

One friend I ran into
is now pursuing photography

Another friend received a promotion
and moved into a another town

And a another friend dedicated herself
to working with children

I am pursing my art, jewelry
and continuing my film work

God has a way of telling us
that we need to peal off the old layers
and see who we really are
and embrace what we are made to do
as God's children

God has our destinies written out
and sometimes, tragedies have a way
of making those destinies come true

So embrace who you really are
be true to yourself
and spread your talents among others
as Jesus did

1 comment:

Satchel said...

A nice poem of hope, encouragement and moving on. More prose than poetry, actually, but wonderful message nonetheless.